The Windows Taskbar – The notification area and beyond

So we’re looking at the taskbar again, this time the far right next to the clock.

The colours may be different depending upon your display configuration, the icons showing here are usually applications loaded at startup (although they can be loaded later and would still show here). System information apps such as wifi or network connectivity, volume control, power status (battery level or connected for a laptop). Others exist too, depending upon what you may have installed. The Win7 and 10 snapshots above show dropbox, an onscreen keyboard and windows notifications (the speech bubble), this latter will list certain system error messages (if it is showing white, otherwise it is empty). These system messages may be that an update hasn’t been run, virus checker or firewall is disabled etc. There is also a ^ pull up that show the overflow. The Win10 example above shows this this shows various applications I have loaded, either automatically at startup or manually (but which stay loaded until I either right click and close or restart my computer). Hovering the mouse over an icon will show what it is.

The clock is, well, a clock. Clicking it will enable you to see the calendar for the month (and to be to change the date unless you are connected to the internet). Certain setting can be changed from the date and time settings link here too.

This will look a bit different in Win7 or 8 but essentially the same functions are available.

Right click on the notification area gives two additional options, date and time settings as above and also customise notification icons.

These options aren’t available when you right click anywhere else on the taskbar.

At the very far right of the taskbar is an inconspicuous bar that when clicked takes you to the desktop and minimises all open windows. A great little shortcut.

In the future I will examine the options available on the desktop and also look at the other options on the taskbar right click menu especially the task manager.


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