Web sites

So you have a business card and an advert¹, the skills and the know-how, but where to now? How will your clients find out more?

When your potential customers are looking for a tradesman… a plumber, an electrician, a builder… or in other words YOU, where do they look? Most will do an internet search to list local tradesmen… but without a website, you won’t be on that list.

Get an affordable bespoke managed* wordpress website that showcases your business beautifully.  You need do nothing, just provide some info and with search engine optimisation, photo galleries and even eCommerce*** ; whatever you need, your site can be up and running in days.

You don’t need to get involved with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr or any of the many, many sites you may have heard about². You don’t need a site that plays mood music and shows animations of kittens wearing hard hats. What you do need is a straightforward, no-nonsense website that shows information about you, the work you do and the work you have done.

I can create a website, individually tailored to you. [CBC country=”fr” show=”y”]For 195€,[/CBC] [CBC country=”GB,UK” show=”y”]For £175,[/CBC] I will give you a personalised and hosted website with your own email address. You do nothing but provide me with information. I can advise and help with any computing issues to make the process simple and straightforward.

The basic package includes your first 3 months3 of hosting** (where you site actually lives) plus:

  • your own domain name – by this I mean the bit that comes after www such as www.JSWindows.patbell.co.uk 4
  • Up to 5 pages including:
    • Home or introduction page (essentially this will most likely be the text of your advert.
    • A showcase of the services and skills you offer
    • A contact page for potential customers to get in touch.
    • Other information such as customer testimonials and perhaps a gallery of photos showcasing some of your work.
  • up to 30 mins per month for advice, updates/changes to content
  • Your own email address(es) such as john@JSWindows.fr, enquiries@JSWindows.fr, accounts@JSWindows.fr etc.5

¹ Not got a business card or advert? I can arrange to produce cards and advise on advertising too.
² Though you can be linked to social networking sites if you want.
³ After the initial 3 months the cost will be [CBC country=”GB, UK” show=”y”]£8.50 [/CBC][CBC country=”fr” show=”y”]10€ [/CBC]monthly by direct debit.
4 Personalised domains from [CBC country=”GB, UK” show=”y”]£10 [/CBC][CBC country=”fr” show=”y”]12.50€ [/CBC]. Choose from fr, uk, co.uk, com and many others depending upon availability and cost.
5eMail is forwarded to your own internet service provider’s web mail box, or gmail, wherever is easiest for you to access.

  • Managed means that I will handle every aspect of you site, virus protection, spam preventions, backup, tweaks and modifications.
    ** Hosting is on a shared server.
    *** Basic eCommerce such as PayPal [Pay now] buttons… included. Shopping cart, price lists and other full eCommerce solutions extra.