Windows 10 revisited

Free updates to Windows 10 finish on July 29th!

Should you care?

My previous comments about Win10 still hold true – if you have no reason to need it then there is no reason to upgrade. Microsoft’s pushy marketing implies that you will be left out in the cold.But that’s no more true than pressure to constantly upgrade your mobile phone.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. OK, there is a possibility that a previously undiscovered security issue will arise in an old unsupported version of Windows but you can’t upgrade versions earlier than Win7 anyway and security support for that doesn’t expire until 2020.

Failure rates in laptops are 43% in 4 years. So, more or less, it’s a coin toss that your laptop will last more than 5 years. Desktop computers are twice that but only because you aren’t likely to drop them. So the chances are that you’ll get a new computer before your Win7 security support expires.

That being said, I actually like Windows 10. I upgraded only so that I could support customers who were running it, though I fought the pushy popups as long as I could. I had few issues in the upgrade process. The most common one I have come across is that internet browsers stop working. This is usually resolved by reinstalling, I usually go for Chrome though whilst Win10’s “gateway” to the internet – “Edge” – might be broken, Internet Explorer often still seems to work and a new shortcut to that and removing the shortcut to Edge is a solution. Edge is a fast and improved browser but doesn’t offer much different to Chrome but has some limitations, such as no drag and drop from your desktop into the browser to attach to web mail.

It is hard for me to give you reasons why I now like Win10, its little different in appearance and functionality to Win7, a bit slicker and faster perhaps but since like most people, it’s the underlying programs I use most, rather than built-in ones, it makes little difference on a day-to-day basis. You don’t need to take my word for it, just search the net (google*) for “should I upgrade to Windows 10” for a different take on my opinion.

If you decide to upgrade, or you haven’t turned off automatic upgrades to Windows and it happens anyway… and you get any problems… google* is your friend… search for the problem (perhaps even the exact wording of any error message) for possible solutions. Someone else will have had (and perhaps solved) the same issue. Otherwise contact me and, usually within my initial one hour consult, I can resolve the problem by remote access over the internet.

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